Crossroads for Sale

This lesson was written in PSP X Dutch version. It assumes a good knowledge of psp.

Material :
Tubes, font, image

Factory Gallery S,
Andrews Filter 25,
Unlimited 2.0,
OptikverveLabs (Virtual Photographer),
Richard Rosenman (Solid border),
Adjust Variations

Open the tube and image, minimize font,
install plugins
Filter Andrew 25 and Factory Gallery S, import in FilterUnlimited 2.0

  1. Open new image 640x480 px WHITE Rename this layer “Background WHITE”

  2. Effects -filter unlimited 2.0 - Factory Gallery S - Gembars 2 with these settings

  3. With the magic wand, tolerance and feather = 0, select the black lines, (the black lines are selected)

  4. Activate image (Jupiter station) edit, copy, edit paste into selection

  5. Effects - 3D effects – inner bevel with these settings:

  6. Layer palette, new raster layer!!!!
  7. Selection invert Repeat paste into selection (still in the memory)
  8. Deselect
  9. Layer palette, opacity 65%
  10. Activate “background WHITE”
  11. Activate tube death (color tube) edit and copy
  12. Activate your working area from 640x480 (bottom layer white is still active)
  13. With the magic wand, same settings select the rectangle see print screen below
  14. Activate the top layer, do not forget, it is very important
  15. Edit and paste as a new layer
  16. Move the tube over the selection and place the eye in the selected area
  17. Selection invert and delete - deselect ]| Repeat what is written between the |[ ]| for the two other rectangles (see printscreen)and place an other part of the face into the selections. You will have this
  18. Top layer is still active, merge down twice; the three rectangles are on the same layer now
  19. Activate this layer! Effects - filter unlimited 2.0 - Andrew's filter 25 - CrossRoads for sale standard settings
  20. Effects - filter Adjust Variations –click 4 times on lighter
  21. Layer palette, merge, merge visibly
  22. New raster layer Activate your selection tool and choose custom selection with these settings:
  23. Flood fill the selection with black
  24. Selections – modify, contract 2 px - delete
  25. Repeat modify selections contract 2 px
  26. Flood fill with black and deselect
  27. Effects - 3D effects – drop shadow see settings:
  28. Layer palette, opacity 81%
  29. Duplicate layer
  30. Image rotate – free rotate left 45°
  31. Image resize 45% - bicubic- resize all layers unchecked
  32. Effects – image effects – offset see settings:
  33. Activate misted tube (right size and color already)
  34. Edit - copy and paste as a new layer
  35. Move to the right:
  36. Layer palette, opacity 71%
  37. Layer palette, merge, merge visibly
  38. Effects - filter Richard Rosenman - solid border see settings:
  39. Type text
  40. Objects -align – center in canvas
  41. Convert to raster layer
  42. Effects - 3D effects – drop shadow, same settings as before
  43. Save as a jpg

    This lesson was written by @nn.
    ©Copyright - 25 June 2006 .