This lesson is written in PSP X, Dutch version and cannot be made in earlier vesions, due to the preset lamp.



tube, font, psp files, preset 'Scary' for Xero Soft Vignette,

preset lighteffects Lamps "pink"

* if you use images of your own feel free to change blendmode and opacity of the layers



Mura's Meister Copies

Xero (Soft Vignette) (set 4)

Open a new image 640x480 px transparant, open your tube and your psp files,

The preset scary.svg.may be kept in the folder to which it was unzipped.

Extract the preset Pink to the map preset shapes of your psp programm.

Foreground color = #a46c27 (lighter) background =  #7c4400 (darker)

Your foreground to gradient (foregr-background) with the following settings

Adjust - blur gaussian blur 10

Open psp file eyes (the mask 2020 was applied on this image)  By using other images, edit them with this mask first.

Edit copy edit paste as a new layer on your working area and move to the top right corner

Layerpalette opacity =  51%, blend mode =  soft light

Open psp file "parfum" repeat edit copy edit paste as a new layer on your working area

Layerpalette opacity =  51%, blend mode: Overlay

Layer merge visibly

Change foreground to the lightest color for the coming  task

Effects - filter Xero Soft Vignette click on LOAD and choose the file "scary.svg" . OK

Image add borders 1px black

Duplicate layer

Image - resize 50% - bicubic resize all layers unchecked

Effects - Mura's Meister Copies chosse preset *Line

Activate the bottom layer

Effects - lighteffects - Lamps choose my preset "Pink"

Activate the top layer

Open your tube "pink", remove the watermark, mirror layer if necessary

resize 75% - bicubic  all format checked

Tube"pink" edit copy, edit paste as a new layer on your working area

Move to the bottom right (see example)

Effects - 3D effects - dropshadow vert/horz 0, opacity 100, blur 30, color black

Layers merge visibly

Image add borders 1px black

New textlayer

Background color = lightest color and foregroundcolor locked

Select the  font "Anna ITC" size 72, and write your text

Effects - 3D effects - dropshadow horz/vert 2, opacity 60, blur 5, color black


Repeat new textlayer

Font of your choise, but choose a font that you can be read easily

Repeat dropshadow


Save as a jpg 

This lesson was written by Ann following her own imagination

Copyright© - 13 november 2005
Two Examples from Jille