This lesson is made in PSP X English version


3 images, 1 tube (tuber: ametista), font

mask 2020 here

and brushes here

bordermania en Fm Tile Tools


Open a new image 640 x480 px transparent, 16 million colors

If you take other images, please resize to 500 px x 500 px (or size of your choice)

First of all we apply the mask 2020 on our images

Activate image sfe0506,

layers - promote background layer
Layers - load mask from disk Activate 2020 mask ,following settings

Layers - merge - merge group

Repeat with your two other images

Activate your transparent new image (640-480)

Flood fill with black

Activate sfe0506

Edit - copy - paste as new layer - Move to the left

Activate sfe0502

Edit - copy - paste as new layer-Move to the top right side

Activate sfe0504

Edit - copy - paste as new layer -Move to the bottom right side

Arrange the images in a way you think best

Layers - merge - merge visible

Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize settings 0-0 Layers -

Opacity = 50% Layer -

Layers - new raster layer - flood fill with : #c0c0c0

Layers - Arrange - Send to bottom

Layers - merge visible


Effects - Plugins - FM tile Tools - Blend Emboss standard settings,
apply twice

Layers - duplicate

Effects - Plugins - Colorave - Atmospherizer standard settings

Layers - opacity 50%

Activate the ametista tube

Resize 480 px height

Edit - copy - paste as new layer

Layers duplicate

Activate the original tubelayer

Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur - 7

Layers - new layer

Activate your brush tool, foreground color black

Activate brush mcbeauty size 250

Place it on the bottom left

Layers - Blend Mode - Overlay

Layers - new text layer

Activate Ge Serpentine color black

Write text Fashion

Effects - 3D effects - Drop Shadow vert-hor 2, opacity 50 - blur 2, color black

Layers - merge visible

Effects - plugins - bordermania - Frame #2 put the settings of the two slides on top = 3 all checked

Save as jpg file

This lesson is written by Ann and translated by Jille

Exaple Jille 27/07/2020 tubes Lana and FBI

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