For Intro and materials see Dutch lesson



open new  640x480 px = black

Layers: new raster layer


Select – select all


Activate Eye-image: edit – copy – paste into selection



Layers – load mask from disk – choose dmsk0014 – see settings



Layer palette: merge – merge group


Effects - adjust variations click 4 times on  More Blue and ok


Duplicate layer


With the freehand selection (point to point) feather 30 and tolerance 0, anti alias checked



Select the eye, the selection becomes bigger and that will give it a smooth effect


Selection invert and DELETE




layer palette – blend mode hard light


Effects - Jeux de lignes  - Entrelacement settings:



Activate the leopard (luipaard) tube, remove watermark


Layers – load mask from disk and activate mask 2020 same settings as before


Layers merge – merge group


Edit – copy – edit – paste as a new layer


Move to the right but the eyes must fall together see example


Layers palette - blend mode Hard Light


Activate the other tube (woman), remove watermark


Image mirror


Move to the top left see example


It may be placed against the border


Layer palette – opacity around 89%


Layers merge – merge visibly


Effects- Xero Porcelain standard settings

Layers - new raster layer


Selection load from disk and choose selection @nn_sel001_Eye

Flood fill selection with white


Selection modify – selection contract 1 px


DELETE on your keyboard



Layers -new raster layer for text, background = white, foreground locked

Select font Alien Encounters size 72,  centrated and floating


Type text of your choice



With the deform tool



Make the text wider


Click the pan tool to confirm the deform


Effects– 3D effects drop schadow horz/vert = 1, opacity 100, blur 1, color black


Layer palette = opacity +/-  80%


Image – add borders 1 px white

Do not make this tag smaller, the quality will become poorer by doing so


Save as a jpgS