Les 3: Stranger






Flaming Pear Transline

Eye Candy 4000

Xero (Porcelain)

Adjust Variations



Open a new image 640x480 px transparent


Choose two colors from your misted tube. I choose #396763  as foreground (lighter than backgr color) and took black as background


Foreground to gradient with these settings



Flood fill layer with this gradient


Blur – gaussian blur 30


Effects texture effects texture bricks (“bakstenen” in Dutch)




Layer, new rasterlayer


Change foreground color to white


With the brush tool choose brush @cb_flower3, standard settings


Stamp this brush 4 times in the corners (they may overlap)


Activate the brush @cb_egyptian4 standard settings


Stamp once in the middle


Effects – Filter Simple – Center Tile


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 1, opacity 100, blur 1 color black


Layer palette – blend mode soft light


Take your  filmstrip, (shift + D and close the original)


Edit - copy, edit - paste as a new layer


Image – free rotate - left 90° - all unchecked


With the move tool, move to the right

Effects – Xero Porcelain attention: following settings!


(I choose for a green channel because that fits best in my creation)



Effects -  Eye Candy 4000 – Motion Trail following settings:



Effects – Adjust Variations – click once on Original and afterwards  once on More Cyan


Activate the misted tube, Edit - copy, edit - paste as a new layer


Move to the left corner


Layer palette – opacity 60%– blend mode = screen


Layer – new rasterlayer


Foreground color to gradient same as before but invert = checked  


Selection – load selection from disk and choose @nn_sel001_stranger


Flood fill with the gradient




Effects –Flaming Pear – Transline


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 3 opacity 75, blur 8 color black


Layer palette –  blend mode = soft light

Layer palette : arrange, move down


Image add borders 3 px black ( save your tag now, so you can use it on a later occasion)


Layer - new textlayer

Lock the foreground color, background color = black


With the texttool, choose the font size 150, floating


Write down your text


Effects – 3D effects – inner bevel following settings


Repeat dropshadow



Save as a jpg

Other examples see Ann’s lessson