Les 004: Rip Open




Here we go:


Open image “consumed by…” and the background (fractal)


Open new image 500x500 px color white


Layers - new rasterlayer


Selections - select all


Activate the  fractal, edit - copy -paste into your selection



Layers –load mask from disk and choose the mask whith the settings shown below:



Layers merge –merge group


Effects – 3D effects – dropshadow whith the following settings:


Horz/vert 3, opacity 90, blur 8 color black


Image – resize 60%  bic. –all layers unchecked


Move to top border


Layers - duplicate


Move to bottom right


Repeat duplicate layer


Move to top on the right


Layer palette – blend mode = Hard Light


Repeat duplicate


Move to bottom left


Lock the bottom layer (white)


Activate one of the other layers  and merge visibly


Laye palette =  Layer opacity 60%


Unlock the bottom layer and activate the top layer


Layers - new rasterlayer


Selection – load from disk and activate  selection @nn_sel001_gold


Floodfill  with WHITE (mode = none to make floodfill more easy)


Effects – 3D effects – dropshadow horz/vert 1 opacity 100, blur 1, color black


Repeat but change horz/vert -1




Layer palettte – blend mode = soft light


Activate image “Consumed by…” size is OK and 500 px height


Layers – mask load from disk and activate mask “mask051ms”


Layers merge –merge group


Edit - copy -paste as a new layer


Selections –select all


Selection float


Layer, new raster layer !!!!!!!


Change Foreground to gold pattern ABGold18, corner 0, scale 60


Flood fill with the pattern




Activate the layer with the gold (check this please)


Layer palette – blend mode  “Color” (feel free to change)


Layers merge –merge down


Effects – 3D effects – dropshadow horz/vert 3, opacity 90, blur 8 color black


Image resize 85% - bic. – resize all layers unchecked


Move to the right border, see example


Layer palette – blend mode “dissolve”


Duplicate layer


Change this layer to blend mode normal

Move to border left


Image – free rotate – right 15 – all unchecked


Layers – merge – merge all


Image – picture frame and activate transparant list



Image add borders 1 px black, after this you can save and use your image afterwards to make a different tag


Layer palette, new text layer


Foregroundcolor  = black, background = goldpattern


With the texttool, activate font size 150, floating size 1


Write down your text


Effects – EC 4000 – Shadowlab with settings shown below:




Place text to a place of your choice


Save as a jpg

Extra example