2 tubes, mask, image and font


tube Absinthe_misted source: thank you





Unlimited 2.0

cybia (screenworks)


Filter FM Tile Tools



Open new image 640x480 px transparent


The foreground color = #735310 (dark) the background color = #baaa67 (light)


foreground color on gradient with settings shown below:



Floodfill your layer with this gradient


Adjust - gaussian blur 20


Minimize this layer


Activate your  'image_theUnknown' (size of this image 374px width and  500 px height)


Layers - Mask load from disk and activate dmsk0325:



Layers - merge - groep merge


Edit – copy and paste as a new layer (minimized layer)


Move to the right


Layer – duplicate


image - mirror


Move both to the center


Layers - merge - layers merge visibly


Effects - Filter Simple - Quick Tile


Effects - Filter FM Tile Tools - Blend Emboss


Layerpalette – new rasterlayer


Floodfill with the darkest color


Layerpalette - opacity = 72%


Layerpalette – new rasterlayer


Floodfill with the gradient as you did before


Effects - Filter - Cybia Screenworks - Fine Rule - 0


Layer palette - blend mode = overlay


Activate the image that you edit with the mask


Edit - copy - paste as a new layer and rename this layer 'gang'


Move to the right, but remain parallel with the top and bottom


Layer - dyplicate

Layer palette  activate the layer 'gang'


Adjust - blur - gaussiaanse blur 20


layer palette : activate the top layer 'this is the copy layer of ‘gang' - opacity  +-26%


Activate tube absinthe_misted, edit – copy – edit – paste as a new layer


Move to top left see example


Layer palette - opacity 40%


Activate the other tube 'drei tucher' edit – copy – edit – paste as a new layer


Move right


I colorised this tube : adjust – hue and saturation - colorize 28 - 193

Change these values if you uses tubes of your own


Layer palette - opacity 40% (feel free to change,or to play with the blendmodi)


Effects - 3D Effects - drop shadow horz/vert 0, opacity 100, blur 50, repeat twice


Layers - merge - visibly


Effects - Filter Unlimited 2.0 - buttons and frames - Mirrored frame - 5


Selections – select all


Selections - modify contract 5 px


Selections - invert


Effects - Filter Bordermania - Frame#2 yhe two slides on top = 2, bevel en notch corners not checked




Layerpalette – new text layer


foreground color = lightest color, je background color = darkest color


Activate your text tool and choose font 'channel tuning' with these settings:


size 72, floating, width =  1


Type text


Repeat drop shadow same settings


Layer palette - opacity = 75% - blend mode = Hard Light


Save as a jpg