Lesson  008: JAZZ





Image source: http://www.brita-seifert.de/index_engl.html


sourceTube: Cryst@l http://br.groups.yahoo.com/group/tubed_crystal/






Tubes, mask, image, 2 fonts, preset ann_jazz.sms




Little Ink Pot

FM Tile Tools


Code for Little Ink Pot  in zipfile.

Make a map “Little Ink Pot” and store your files in it.

Extract the preset ann_jazz.sms  to that map: see printscreen:



Open image ‘sach.gif’.

Shift+d close original.

do this first: image – increase color depth – RGB – 8-bits channel (if necessary of course).


Image – resize with settings shown below:



Layers, load mask from disk: with the settings shown below



Layer palette – merge – merge group

Image effects –seamless tiling– see settings:



Foreground color   =  #52402e (dark) Background color   = #cf6d61

Foreground color   on gradient‘foreground-background’ – Lineair – corner 90, repeat 0

New rasterlayer

Floodfill this layer with the gradient

Layers – arrange – merge down


Opacity from top layer = 50%


Layer palette – merge – merge visibly

Effects– filter FM Tile Tools – Blend emboss


Duplicate layer


Effects– filter Little Ink Pot – Sketcher proceed as follow:

click Load choose preset ann_jazz_sms

click  Apply.


Layer palette blend mode top layer = soft light opacity 15%


Layer palette – merge – merge visibly

Activate the  2 tubes  guitar and shoes (“gitaar” and  “schoenen”) duplicate with shift + D and close the original


We take the guitar first, remove watermark


Effects – Little Ink Pot – Thredgeholder pro with the settings shown below:



This tube: edit – copy – edit paste as a new layer on your working area

Move to border left.


Activate the deform tool and lengt it to the top of your image


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 0, opacity 100, blur 25, color black

Layer palette blend mode soft light, opacity 50%


Activate the shoes (schoenen).


Repeat filter Little Ink Pot – Thredgeholder


tube:  edit – copy – edit paste as a new layer on your working area

Move toto right see example.




Repeat drop shadow.


Layer palette,blend mode soft light, opacity 50%


Layer palette, merge merge all


Dulicate layer


Image resize 50% - bicubisc,resize all layers unchecked,

Lock aspect ratio checked


Image – free rotate left 15°


Move to top left


Repeat drop shadow


Activate tube cryst@ltube_andie,edit- copy – edit – paste as a ney layer


Layer palette,blend mode Luminance (L)


Layerpalette – merge visibly


Image add borders 1 px white


New rasterlayer and call this layer rectangle


Foregroundcolor =  WHITE, background color locked


Activate the tool preset shape, rounded rectangle, line style dodge, width 3, corner round



Draw a rectangle and remain parallel with the borders


Effects – 3D effects– drop shadow change to these settings:

Horz/vert 0, opacity 100, blur 8, kleur black


New rasterlayer for logo


Invert colors , backgroundcolor is now white


Activate the Texttool and select font ‘warnerlogofont’ size 72


Wright the  letter M (caplocks on)


Move to top right.


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 2, opacity 50, blur 4, color black




New textlayer


Choose font ’28 days later’ size 48


Type text of your choise


Repeat drop shadow



Layer palette activate the layer called rectangle


Activate the selection tool: rectangle, tolerance and feather = 0


Select around the logo and click delete to remove the line behind the logo.



Repeat for the other text.


Save as a jpg.