Les 009: Africa



Tubes source: Filly, Brigitte Manon http://groups.yahoo.com/group/top_design_tubes/

and Mariel http://fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/MarieLGraphicArTubing/



Material: tubes, image, mask 2020 and font


Filters: Xero


This is an easy lesson, but here you can learn how to give the tubes a soft border.

In a blendles this looks always nice


Open the tubes, the image and install your font

Dulicate the image and tubes (shift+D), remove the watermark and close the originals


Open a new transparent image 640x480 px

Foreground color = #201a12 (dark) and background color = #815f61


Change the foreground color to gradient “foreground-background” corner 140 repeat 0 invert unchecked


Floodfull the layer with this gradient


Activate your image Far_away,

Layers load mask from disk and choose  the mask 2020 with following settings:


Lum. From source, adjust to layer,  hide all masks checked, invert tranparency not checked

Layerpalette, merge - merge group


Edit – copy an paste as a new layer


Move to border right


Layer palette, blend mode: Soft light, opacity 50%


Activate the tube ‘filly (219)’


(***)With the magic wand, tolerance and feather = 0, select outside the tube invert selection after you did this.


Modify Selection –contract  8


Selection modify  - feather 25


Selection invert and delete (once !!!)


This tube edit – copy and paste as a new layer


Move to the left (tube is larger than image, that doesn’t matter)


Layer palette, blend mode: soft light, opacity: 50%


Activate the tube MarieL_africa_face repeat (***)


Image resize 70%-bicubic


Edit – copy – paste as a new layer


Move this  tube to the right (see example)

Layer palette, blend mode: soft light, opacity 50%


Activate the tube from Mtm_misc50_masquerade repeat what is in red (***)


 edit – copy – paste as a new layer


Move towards the cheek, gives a nicer effect)


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 8, opacity 75, blur 20 color black


Layer palette, opacity 47%


Layer palette, merge visibly


NO NEW RASTERLAYER for the next step !!!!!


Activate selection tool – custom selection:



repeat drop shadow as before


Effects – Filter Xero – Fritillary standard settings


Effects – Filter Xero – Lineart settings shown below:



Selection invert


Effects – Filter Xero – Porcelain settings shown below do this 3 times



Info: where does these figures come from?

Example: I choose the color orange


The RGB values are the figures you need in the plugin  Xero Porcelain.


Image add borders 1 px dark color


New text layer


Activate texttool and choose your font (amhole) size 175 px (depends on text), floating

Foreground color locked, background color = darkest color


Typ text and deselect


Deform tool, make your text fit in the rectangle


Layer palette, blend mode: soft light


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 1 opacity 100, blur 1, color black


Save as a jpg




Copyright© - 19 december 2005