Lesson 010: Hung Up


Extra example:



This tag is animated, but in word the animation cannot be seen


Materials: image, brushes, font and a little gif


Animationshop is needed as well.



plugin: Penta.com


Material download here  


let’s go:


open new image 500x500 px transparent


Selections – select all


Activate image , edit – copy and  paste into the selection




Adjust –hue and saturation –colorize and choose preset ‘blue Neutral’ (this is layer 1)


Duplicate this  layer but make layer 1 active


Adjust – blur – gaussian blur 20


Activate the duplicated layer


Layer palette, opacity 67%, blend mode soft light


Effects – filter Penta.com – Dot and Cross settings as follow: 60-10-2


Layer palette, new raster layer


Foreground = white


Activate the brush tool and choose my  brushes . begin with cd_001, afterwards cd_002, cd_003 and cd_004

Stamp the brushes see printscreen:



Layer palette, opacity 51%, blend mode: overlay


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 1, opacity 100, blur 1, color black

Layer palette, new raste rlayer


With the selection tool – custom selection settings shown below:



Flood fill selection with white




Layer palette, blend mode: soft light


Layer palette, new raster layer



Repeat custom selection



Flood fill with white




Layer palette, blend mode: Overlay



Layerpalette, merge, merge visibly


Image – add borders 1 px  choose a dark color


Duplicate layer


Image resize 50 pixels, bicubic and resize all layers unchecked


With the moove tool, place this little image in the square see example


New text layer


Foreground color locked, background color = white


Activate text tool and choose font (Car Go), size 48 px


Write down your text. If you do not want the underline, than put cap lock on


repeat drop shadow as before


repeat drop shadow but change the settings:

Horz/vert 3, opacity 50, blur 10, color black



Layer palette, blend mode: multiply


Duplicate layer


Layer palette, blend mode: soft light


Save as a jpg


Open animationshop


Open your  jpg file and the silver.gif, (minimize that last one)


With the  jpg-file active: edit – select

Edit –duplicate selection  and repeat till you have 8 frames

Select these 8 frames (edit – select all)


Activate the gif-file, edit –select all

edit – copy


Return to the  jpg file


Edit – paste – into selected frames


Place it in the square


Animation – resize animation 400 px – bicubic

It is not necessary to resize but it diminues the kb’s


Save as a gif.


Copyright© - 23 december 2005