Lesson 011: The Train







Tubes, font, mask


Source tubes: Mtm – Brigitte Manon, @nn




Plugin filters:



DC Layer Mergency 4

Cybia Screenworks


Let’s go


Open the tubes and image, install  the filters and mask


open new image 600x350 px transparent


Flood fill with this color #9a8f7b


Layerpalette, new raster layer, selections – select all


Activate image(prelude of a busy day…), edit – copy- paste into selection




Layers – load mask from disk and choose (@nn_mask_xeno001)

with the settings shown below



Layer palette – merge – merge group

adjust – sharpness – sharpen (do this twice)


duplicate layer


Effects – filter DC Layer – Mergency 4 see settings:



Effects – filter Cybia Screenworks – Quad Dice standard settings


Layer palette – opacity 71%, blend mode soft light


Activate tube telephone(telefoon)

Edit – copy – edit – paste as a new layer on your working area


Move to to right see example


Image resize  85%, bicubic  resize all layers unchecked


Layer palette – opacity   = 51%, blend mode multiply


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 4, opacity 95, blur 20, black


Activate the tube from Mtm_lady_83, edit – copy and paste as a new layer


Image resize, same settings as before


Image - mirror


Move to the left see example


Layer palette, opacity 48%, blend mode, Luminance (L)


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow 0, opacity 100, blur 50, color black


Layer palette – merge – merge visibly


Image, add borders see settings:



With the magic wand, tolerance and feather = 0, mode = add


Select the top and bottom border border


Effects – filter artistic – rough pastels do this twice


Selection invert


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 0, opacity 100, blur 50, color black



Image, add borders 1 px symm. Color #5c5644 or choose a dark color from your tag


Layerpalette, new text layer


Foreground color locked, background color = black


Activate texttool and font = (Guadalupe) size 36 px


Write text



Layer palette opacity of layer79%, blend mode soft light


Save as a jpg


Copyright© - 25 december 2005