Lesson 012: Neon




Materials: tubes, image, brush and font



Brush: @nn





Eye Candy 4000



Open the tubes and the image, import the brush and install the filter


Open a new image 640x480 px, transparent


foreground color = #4a2f1b and background color = #ecd191

foreground color on gradient foregr-background see settings:



Flood fill with this gradient


Adjust – blur – gaussian blur 15


Layer palette, new raster layer


Selections – select all


Activate image (MTA_LA_2) edit – copy – paste into selection




Layer palette – blend mode = burn


Effects – filter Penta.com – Jeans standard settings


Layer palette, duplicate bottom layer (click right and duplicate) and move this dulicated layer to the top


Image resize 70%  resize all layers unchecked - bicubic


Adjust – add and remove noise – add noise 16 – uniform and monochrome checked


Effects – filter Penta.com – VTR2 standard settings


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow see settings:



Repeat but change horz/vert -1


Activate the tube ‘shoes metallic’ edit – copy and paste als a new layer


With the move tool, move to top right



Adjust – hue and saturation – colorize 18-119 what is the origin of these numbers:

Open properties of the  foreground color (dark color) and you will see this:




Effects – Eye Candy 4000 – Gradient Glow see settings:



Choose dark color and the setting thin ‘Thin’


Layer palette – blend mode soft light


Activate miste tube ‘Dior Rasta’ edit – copy and paste as a new layer - bicubic


Move see example


Activate misted tube ‘Dior9’ edit – copy and paste as a new layer


Image – resize with 70% - resize all layers unchecked


Move to top left (see printscreen) the hair must touch the lines on the background



Layer palette – blend mode burn


Effects – texture effects – blinds see settings:



Layer palette, new raster layer for the brush


Invert the colors, foreground color = light color


With the brush tool activate brush ‘@nn_brush_quincyjones’ standard settings


Stamp the  brush on the bottom left:



Layer palette – opacity 67%, blend mode Hard Light


Layer palette new raster layer


Activate brush ‘shadymedusa’ op standard settings


Stamp this  brush top right see example


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 1, opacity 100, blur 1, color black


Layer palette, blend mode Hard light


Image add borders 2 px black or choose a dark color from your Image


New text layer, rename this layer “text”


With the text tool, choose font  ‘atlas solid’


Foreground color locked, background color dark solod color


Settings shown below:



Write down your text


Deselect, resize text so that it fits in the rectangle (deform tool)


Move see example


Effects– 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 1, opacity 100, blur 1 color = #ecd191


Layer palette –opacity 81%,blend mode Overlay


Duplicate this layer and activate layer ‘TEXT’


Effects – filter Eye Candy 4000 – Motion Trail – see settings:



Layer palette, merge, merge all


Save as a jpg


Copyright© - 30 december 2005