Lesson 013: Mette


There is always an introduction in the Dutch lesson

I do not translate it. You can ask me (Jille) if necessary




Materials: tube, image, font, brushes and selection


Tube: Lisa

Brushes: unknown



Filters: Cybia Screenworks, FM tile tools



Let’s start:



Open tube and image, install font, import brush, selection in map selections


Open new image 540x380 px transparent


Flood fill with this color #c1b3a3


Image add borders see settings (symm. Unchecked):



Magic want tolerance and feather = 0, click in the dark part


Selections – promote selection to layer


foreground  = black


Brushtool : choose brush ‘@cb-flower3’


Fill your selected area with this brush




Dulplicate layer/Image mirror


Effects – FM tile tools – Blend Emboss – standard settings


Layerpalette new raster layer


Selection: load from disk and choose selection ‘@nn_sel001_mette’


Activate image ‘Winter_II_’, edit: copy and paste into the selection


Effects – filter Cybia Screenworks – crescent wave standard settings




Layer palette, opacity 53%, blend mode: Luminantie (L)


Image: mirror


Layer palette : new raster layer


With the Selection tool, custom selection see settings:




Activate tube ‘LisaG_tubes_...’ edit – copy – edit paste as a new layer on your working area  


Move this tube over the selection:  the face should be  in the middle of the selection:



Selections – invert and delete on your keyboard - deselect


Layer palette, opacity 40%, blend mode: Luminantie (L)


Layer palette : new raster layer


With the brush tool choose brush ‘@cb-newsprint6’, standard settings, foreground color = #c1b3a3


Stamp the brush ad random


Image  –free rotate right 90°


Move to the right see example


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 1, opacity 100, blur 1, color black


Layerpalette, new text layer


Foreground color locked, background color = #c1b3a3


With the text tool, choose font, size 72 px, write text


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 2, opacity 100, blur 3 , color black


Deselect,. This is what you have, move text see printscreen:



Layer palette – merge – merge visibly


Selection tool – custom selection settings shown below:



Selections – promote selection to layer



Layer palette –  blend mode screen

Image, add borders 1 px, dark color


Save as a jpg


Copyright© - 8 january 2006

Translation: pooltje@skynet.be (Jille)