Lesson 014: Dreaming




Materials: tubes, brush, font, selection



Filters: Mehdi – Sorting tiles

OptikVerveLabs – Virtual Photographer



Let’s go


Install font, open tubes, selections in map


Open new image 600x480 px transparent


Foreground color = #202020 (dark), background color =  #606060 (lighter color but same tone)


Foreground color on gradient see settings:



Flood fill layer with this gradient


Effects – filter Mehdi – Sorting Tiles see settings:



Effects– edge effects – enhance


Activate tube Mtm_Lady_104, edit copy  paste as a new layer


Move to the right.(see printscreen ***)


Activate tube from RozenMaiden, edit copy paste as a new layer


Move to the left and you have this:




Layerpalette – merge – merge down


Selections –select all

Selections - float


Selections – modify – feather, number of pix =  30


Selections invert and click  delete 3 times (this makes the borders of the tubes softer)



Layer palette - opacity 85%

Activate tube from Yoka, edit copy paste as a new layer, rename this layer ‘bloem (flower)’


Image mirror


Move to the right, but stay 40 px away from the bottom (put your rules on (view -  rulers))




duplicate layer


Return to layer ‘bloem’ (flower) = activate this layer


Adjust – blur – radial blur see settings




Layerpalette blend mode screen


Duplicate layer


Activate layer ‘bloem’ (flower)


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow horz/vert 5, opacity 60, blur 20, color black


Image add borders see settings:



Select with the magic wand, tolerance and feather = 0 !!!


Selections Promote selection to layer


Effects– Filter Penta.com – VTR2 standard  settings


Effects -3D effects – drop shadow verts 0, horizs -9, opacity 75, blur 35, color black




Layer palette new raster layer


Selections – selections load from disk and choose selection ‘sel002_TheRose_TD_141105’ op


Flood fill with this color #950054


Selections – modify – contract 2 px - delete



Image –add borders 2 px symmetrisch color  = #950054


New raster layer for brush


Foreground color = white


Brush tool : activate brush see settings:




Stamp brush ad random (I placed it 5 times, 4 in the edges and 1 in the middle)


Layer palette: blend mode soft light


Layer palette: merge – merge visibly and rename : background


Duplicate layer , activate layer background


Adjiust – blur – gaussian blur 10


On the same layer apply plugin OptikVerveLabs – Virtual Photographer – choose Glamour


Activate layer background’, opacity = 51%


New textlayer


Foregroundcolor =  #950054, background color = locked


Text tool choose font see settings




Write text


Effects– 3D effects– drop shadow settingshorz/vert 2, opacity 100, blur 5, color #950054



Feel free to play with the blend mode, I did not, but some gave nice effects


Save as a jpg





Copyright© - 13 january 2006