Lesson 015: Liberty




Materials: 2 images, mask, 2 fonts


Filters: Unlimited 2.0, Virtual Painter, FM Tile Tools


Font source: http://www.1001fonts.com/


Bron image small_TypoGenerator_1137512550.jpg :  http://www.typogenerator.net/  (supertip)

(make your own backgrounds with this tool!)


Let’s go


Open images, install fonts, mask in map ‘masks’, install filters


To use Virtual Painter: here the crack (see printscreen)

Move to the map were you store your  .8bf files:




Activate image small_typogenerator


Image – resize- see settings:



Effects – photo-effects  - Sepia toning = 40


Duplicate layer


Effects – filter Unlimited 2.0 – Edges Square – Square edge 13


Layer palette – blend mode: Hard light


Activate image CRW_7032L_Perspective2  (width of yhis this image  640 px)


Layers – load mask from disk– choose SideFadeUp see settings

 transparency invert checked


Layers merge –merge group


Edit – copy – paste as a ney layer


With the move tool, move to the bottom


Layer palette – opacity 81%, blend mode: Luminance (L)


Effects – FM Tile tools – Blend Emboss standard settings


Activate image liberty (this image has been resized to  480 px height)


Layers – mask load from disk, choose mask 2020 but transparency invert not checked


Layers – merge –merge group


Edit – copy – paste as a new layer


Move to the right see example


Layer palette – blend mode: Luminance (L))


Layers – merge – merge visibly


Duplicate layer


Effects– filter Virtual Painter – color Pencil – OK


Layer palette – blend mode: soft light


Image –add borders 1 px – choose dark color


Layer – new textlayer


Foreground color = locked, background color = #523e26


With the Text tool see settings:


 (zwevend = floating)


Write text




Effects – 3D effects – dropshadow horz/vert 2, opacity 70, blur 10, color black


Layer palette – blend mode: Luminance (L)


Layer palette – new raster layer for second text, see settings:



Write text and deselect


repeat dropshadow


move text see example


save as a jpg


those who want can play further with the

filter OptikVerveLabs – Photographer. It gives nice effects, try it out!


Extra example:



Here I used filter OptikverveLabs – Photographer preset DeepCopper.vph

 (preset can be downloaded here: http://www.optikvervelabs.com/downloadExtras.asp  (ctrl+do it)

* duplicate layer *activate  bottom layer, *gaussian blur 8, *activate top layer on  layer palette

Opacity 51% and done


Copyright© - 20 januari 2006