Lesson 018: 17th




Pay attention, if you take images of your own, choose images in matching colours


Materials:  3 images, font, selection, pattern for text


Filters: Cybia (Colourworks)  - Xero (Lithograph)



Let’s start

Handle files as usual or see introduction in Dutch lesson


Open new image 640x480 px WHITE !!!!!!!


Layer palette: new raster layer


Activate picture001


Activate clone brush with these settings:


Translated by Jille, see settings below



right-click with the mouse in the middle of the image ( +/- on the eye) and return to the white area

Clone this image (for a part) on the right site of your working area. If you do this for the first time it is possible  you will have to try a few times.


Layer palette: new raster layer


Activate picture002


Click right see printscreen printscreen:




Clone on the left part of the working area see printscreen below



Layer palette: new raster layer


Activater picture003,repeat with the clone tool in the eye


Clone the eye and you will have this now.



Layer palette: merge visibly



EDIT _ COPY !!!!!!


Duplicate layer


Effecten – filter Xero – Lithograph  settings: 1 -127 – 1


Layer palette, blend mode soft light


Layer palette: new rasterlayer


Selection load from disc and choose selection @nn_sel001_17 op


Edit paste as a new layer


Selection invert and DELETE


Repeat selection invert


Effects– 3D effects – drop shadow see settings:


2 -2 – 75 – 8 ,colour black, all unchecked



Effects – filter Cybia – colourworks – Exposure – 128


Layer palette merge visibly


New raster layer for the text on top and bottom of your tag


Foreground colour = locked, background colour = #3b3b3b


Texttool settings:




Type text (must be as large as your image) - Deselect

Layer paletteopacity =  51%


Dulicate thi layer and move to the top


New raster layer for the first text with pattern


Foreground colour =  #3b3b3b background colour to  Pattern and ativate your minimized pattern

 (It is of course possible to make your own pattern. Select a piece of your blend – selection = square, feather = 0, edit copy and paste as a new image)


Texttool see settings



Write text


Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow see settings:


2 -2 – 75 – 8 clour black, all unchecked



New raster layer fo the big letter


Change size from text to 400px


Type the 1ste letter from your name


Repeat drop shadow




Layer palette, new raster layer


Change size to  48 px  again and type the rest of your name


Repeat drop shadow




Move to your choice


Image add borders 1 px #008080


Image add borders 2 px #3b3b3b


Save as a jpg



copyright© -  2006 February 19