Ange ou Démon

Lesson written in PSP X1Dutch version from PSP XI by Ann
::: UPDATE: July 23, 2020 21:10 :::

and translated by Jille

Material download here
Open the image, the psp file "frame" and the bg_text file.
Import the brush, and put the Selection in the PSP Selections folder.

Open the font and minimize it in your workspace.
You will find it in the list of available fonts, when you use the Text tool.

If you are not using PSP XI, put the Corel_08_025 pattern in the PSP Patterns folder.
Flaming Pear - Transline
Filters Unlimited 2.0
(da importare in Unlimited 2.0; come fare vedi
Transparency (Eliminate White)
Install these plugins

The lesson

Open a new transparent 900 x 480 pixels image and fill it with the color #2c2222.

Effects>Plugins>Filters Unlimited 2.0 - Paper Texture - Filter Paper: 30-74.

Layers>New raster layer, and rename this layer "leaves".
Set the foreground color to Patterns and select Corel_08_025.

Fill the new layer with this Pattern.

Effects>Plugins>Transparency - Delete White.

Activate the "leaves" layer.
Adjust>Blur>Gaussian blur, radius 25.

Lowers the opacity of this layer to 51%.

Activate the copy layer and lower the opacity to 26%.

Open @nn_AOD_frame, Edit>Copy.
Go back to your work
Edit>Paste as new layer.

Effects>Image Effects>Offset, with the following settings:

Layers>New raster layer.
Selection>Load/Save selection>Load selection from disk.
Search and load selection "@nn_sel001_angeoudemon".

Activates ange.jpg image.
Effects>Photo Effects - Time Machine and select "First Color":

If your PSP version does not have this effect, you can skip this step

Image - Add border, 1 pixel, symmetrical, with white color.
Image>Add border, 4 pixels, symmetric, with the color #a8984e.
Image >Add borders, 1 pixel, symmetric, with white color.

Go back to your work - Edit-Paste in selection.

Keep selected.

Effects>Plugins>Filters Unlimited 2.0- Sandflower Special - Design Blinds, with the following settings:

Layers>New raster llayer.
Set foreground color to color #2c2222.
Activate the Brush tool,
search and select the brush "@nn_fall_brush" with the standard settings.
Apply the brush by clicking twice on the same point and on the same layer.
Effects>Edge Effects>Enhance, 2 times.
Adjust>Hue and Saturation>Colorize:

Effects>3D effects>Drop shadow, with the following settings:

Move the leaf as shown in the screenshot below:

Image>Resize, 80%, bicubic resize, all layers not checked.

Move the duplicate to the bottom left.

Layers>New raster layer.
Selection>Load/Save selection>Load selection from disk.
Search and load selection "@nn_sel002_angeoudemon".

Fill the selection with the color #2c2222.
Layers>New raster llayer.
Activate bg_text - Edit>Copy.
Go back to your work and
Edit>Paste into selection.
Effects>Plugins>Flaming Pear - Transline.

In the layer palette - lower the opacity of this layer to 40%.
Layers>Merge - Merge down.

Effects> 3D Effects>Flaming Pear - Transline, with previous settings.

Layers>New raster layer, for text.
Close the foreground color and set the background color to Corel_08_025.
Activate the Text tool, with the following settings.

Write the text.
Effects> 3D Effects>Drop Shadow, with the previous settings.
Move the text as shown below:

Layers>Merge - merge visible layers.
Selections>Select all.
Selection>Modify>Contract, by 4 pixels.
Selections invert
Fill the selection with the Pattern.
(right mouse button, because you still have the pattern set as the background color)
Add your name and Save as jpg.

Example Jille with tube from Odette

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