• Mystery

    This lesson was written by Jille on October 2d 2009, in the Dutch version of PSP 12

    The lesson can be made in other versions as well .

    You will need

    1 image
    2 masks
    1 selection
    1 font
    download here

    AAA Fotoframe


    Install the filter in your filter map
    Open the PSP program after installation
    Minimize or install your font
    Image and masks can be opened in the program
    Choose a light foreground color and a dark background color

    I took these colors #f5f5d5 en #a37f67

    The lesson

    step 1

    File - new - new image 700 x 500 pixels, transparent checked

    step 2.
    Flood fill (F) with the background color (click the right mouse button)
    step 3
    layers - new raster layer
    Flood fill (F) with the foreground color
    step 4
    Open the mask crossmsk_lh
    Make your working area (700/500 pixels) actif again
    Layers - new mask layer - from image
    step 5
    Layers - merge - merge group
    step 6
    Effects - edge effects- enhance
    This is the result
    step 7
    Selection tool (S) - Select the square- see print screen
    step 8
    Selections: promote selection to layer
    step 9
    (F) flood fill with the background color
    step 10
    Selection - modify - contract with  5 pixels
    step 11
    Materials - Forefround color - Change into Foreground - background gradient
    see print screen for settings
    Flood fill the selection with the gradient
    step 12
    Deselect all .
    You may minimize your work for a moment. Save it if you want to be carefull
    step 13
    Open the image!cid_00fe01
    Open the mask10e_diamond_circle
    Make the image of the woman actif
    Layers - new mask layer - from image
    Layers - merge - merge group
    This is the result
    step 14
     This image - Edit - Copy
    Make your working area from 700/500 pixels actif again
    Edit - paste as a new layer
    Move to the left see print screen (the dark border of the image touches the edge of your working area)
    see print screen
    step 15
    Layers - duplicate - layers - mirror
    step 16
    Move down - the eyes of the woman should be in the rectangle below
    Layer palette - opacity of the layer = 33
    see print screen
    step 17
    Selection tool (S) - select the rectangle with the eyes
    step 18
    Selection -promote selection to layer
    step 19
    Layer palette - blend mode = multiply

    This is the result

    step 20
    Deselect all
    step 21
    Freehand Selection tool
    point to point - feather = 0 - anti-alias not checked

    Make a selection as shown below

    step 22
    Layer palette- Activate copy of raster 2 (the layer with the lady right)
    Selection - promote selection to layer
    step 23
    Layerpalette - blend mode screen

    This is the result

    step 24
    Layer palette : make the Copie from raster 2 actif
    Selections - load/save selection -laod selection from disc and choose my selection mystery
    step 25
     Selections - Promote selection to layer
    Put your work a side for the moment
    step 26
    Open the image of the lady again and make a selection from her head
    see print screen
    step 27
    Edit - copy
    You may close the image
    step 28
    Back to the working area (700/500 px)
    Edit - paste into selection- selection stays actif
    step 29
    Effects -plug-in effects- AAAFrames - fotoframe - with these settings
    (negative checked!!!!)
    step 30

    Effects 3D effects drop shadow

    step 31
    Repeat the shadow with vert. and horiz. values = -5
    step 32
    Deselect all

    This is the result

    step 33
    Materials - Close your foregroundcolorr and choose a very dark background colorr. I took #0e0e0f

    Text tool(T) - vector

    Choose a nice font and typ a text
    I chose "Incarnation" size 36
    and wrote f Mysterious charm in two steps so I could place the words where I liked it best.
    Promote background layer
    step 34
    Effects 3D effects - drop shadow as before with horiz. and vert values on 5
    step 35
    Place your signature
    step 36
    Materials: open your foreground color and change it into #544940 (slightly more light than de background color you choose before)
    Change foreground color into gradient (FGround-BGround gradient) with these settings
    Image - add borders- symetric not checked - top - bottom - left = 0 and only on the right 15 pixels contrasting color
    Magic wand - select the border - tolerance and feather = 0
    step 37
    Flood fill with the gradient
    deselect all
    step 38
    Materials - same gradient - but angle = 90
    Image - add borders- symetric not checked - top - bottom = 15 , left and right = 0 - contrasting color
    Magic wand - modus add ,select the borders
    step 39
    Flood fill with the gradient and deselect
    step 40
    Save as a jpg 

    I hope you enjoyed this lesson
    Hugs .
    other exemple (credits to MMDesignz for the tube)

    example bij Sissi

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