This lesson was written using Paint Shop Pro X (Dutch version), but may be done with previous versions.

If you use tubes and images of your own, feel free to change blend mode and opacity

Materials: Tubes, psp-file, brush, selection and font here

Plugins: Cybia Screenworks , Eye Candy 4000 Open the tubes in the psp program, install your font, import the brush and extract the selection to your map 'selections'

Open new 640x480 px color black Open the Poetry psp file (this is an image on which the mask 2020 was applied)

Edit - copy past as a new layer Move to bottom left


Layers - Merge - Merge Visible

Layers - duplicate

Effects - Filter Cybia screenworks choose Light Gauze standard settings

On the layer palette blend mode Overlay

Selections load from disk, choose my selection '@nn_sel001_acupofwine'

Selections promote selection to layer


Effects - 3D effects - dropshadow

settings: horz/vert 0, opacity 100, blur 15,color black,

do this twice

Layer palette - blend mode Hard light

Layer duplicate

Layer palette - blend mode dodge

Activate the tube 'a cup of wine'

Edit -copy paste as a new layer; rename this layer 'a cup'

Move to top right

This layer: duplicate twice

On your layer palette, activate your layer 'a cup'

Effects - filter Eye Candy 4000 - Motion Trail with following settings

Layer palette - blend mode Luminance (L)

Effects edge effects enhance more

Return to the layer named ' a cup- copy 1

on your layer palette Adjust - blur Gaussian blur 15

Activate the top layer for the next step

Layer new raster layer

With the brush tool, choose brush @cb-newsprint1, standard settings.

Your foreground color = white

Click three times in the middle of your layer

Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow, horz/vert 1, opacity 100, blur 1,color black

Layer palette - blend mode overlay

Layer new raster layer for your text

The background color = white, the foreground color = locked

Activate your text tool, font Al Charisma, size 500 px, floating

Type de first letter of your name


Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow horz/vert 8, opacity 60 and blur 8, color black

And move see example

Layer palette - layer opacity 51%

Layer new raster layer for the rest of your text

Size now on 72 px Write down your text

Deselect and move,

repeat drop shadow same settings

Layer palette - layer opacity 51%

Image add borders 1 px black

Repeat 1 px white

Repeat 1 px black

Save as a jpg

Copyright© - 1 January 2006 -


Extra example Renate

Example Jille

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