This lesson is written in PSP X Dutch version

Materials download here


Tube and a misted tube, selection, font and textbrush



Unlimited 2.0



Open your tube, minimize your font, extract the selection into you map selections.

Open a new image 640x480 px transparant

Foreground color = #1f2927 (dark) background color = #366d74 (light)

Foreground-background gradient with these settings:

Flood fill your layer with this gradient

Layer, new rasterlayer, floodfill with the backgroundcolor (lightest)

Effects - geometric effects - circle settings: transparant

With the magic wand, tolerance and feather = 0

Click outside the circle

Selection : invert

Selection - modify - contract 5

Selection - modify - feather 25

Selection invert and delete

Repeat selection invert

Layer, new layer

Open your misted tube, edit - copy and paste into the selection


On your layerpalette blendmode = Luminatie (O)

Open the tube with the woman, edit - copy and paste as a new layer, rename this layer 'woman'

Move to the right see example

Image resize 75% - bicubic - resize all layers unchecked

Duplicate this layer

Return to the layer “woman” Adjust blur – gaussian blur 15

Activate your toplayer

Layer, new layer

Selection: load from disk and choose selection '@nn_sel001_aqua'

Flood fill this selection with White, Match mode NONE so you can fill more easily


On your layer palette blend mode = soft light

With the magic wand, match mode on add or use your shift key

Select the top and bottom stroke


Layer, new layer, flood fill selection with your darkest color #1f2927

On your layer palette, blend mode = Overlay


Layer, new layer

With the brush tool, choose the brush '@nn_winter_041205', standard settings

Foreground color = darkest color

Stamp the brush see example

On your layer palette, blend mode = hard light

Merge – merge all

Effects - filter Unlimited 2.0 - Buttons & frames - 3D Glass frame 1 -settings: 8 - 128

Layer, new text layer

With a font of your choice, background = darkest color

Write your text, or the first letter of your name

Effects - 3D effects - dropshadow horz/vert 2, opacity 75, blur 8, color black


Save as a jpg

This lesson was written by Ann following her own idea, leave a message in the guestbook

Copyrig ht© - 16 december 2005


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