Lesson written in PSP X English versions



Vertical image, font, selection and 2 pspfiles,
background for your mail- Filters: Unlimited 2.0


Extract the selection into your map selections of your psp programand minimize the font

Open your image or resize one of your own to 450 px height

Shift + D close the original and open the pspfiles, you may minimize them until later.

Activate the tool script - Category: artistic choose Sepia Frame.

Let the script do its work.

So, that's all

Layers - merge visible

Image - Resize 450 px height - bicubic

With the Shape Tool and following settings
Rectangle – check only Anti-alias and leave the rest unchecked, Solid size 2
foreground = white, background = locked Zoom in by pushing the “+” on your keyboard and draw a rectangle around the litle retangle of your image.
Foreground = #483822 (dark) and background = #dbc7ad (light)
Foreground to gradient with the following settings

Image - add borders following settings:
Pay attention if you use an other image, you must adapt the right value
Keep the following in mind: image width = 1024 – 50 –image width
In my case this will be 1024 – 50 – 299 = 675 px

With the magic tool tolerance and feather = O and modus = Add (shift)
Select the white part Layer
new raster layer
Flood fill with the gradient
Effects - Filter Unlimited 2.0 - Paper Textures - Striped Paper Fine standard settings
Layer new raster layer
Selection load from disk choose: 7days_sel001
Change your foregroundgradient to fading foreground see example

Floodfill with this gradient


Activate the pspfile paper elements - edit - copy and paste as a new layer

With the movetool place a little bit to the right see example

On your layerpalette blendmode = Soft Light

Activate your stamp psp file - edit - copy - paste as a new layer

Activate the movetool and move it to the left

Effects - 3D effects - Dropshadow horz/vert 4, opacty 40, blur 4, color: black

Layer new textlayer

Activate your texttool and choose the font: Albemarle Swash

background = light color size 48 px

Write down your text

Dropshadow as before


Layers merge visible

Image - add borders top/left/right 0, bottem = 2,dark color

Save as a jpg

This lesson is written by Ann using her own imagination and translated by Jille

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