his tutorial is written in PSP X Dutch version.
Example made by Jille September 2020


Background image , border The Thin Red Line, font, brushes, text file


Unlimited 2.0, Eye Candy 4000, OptikVerveLabs , Penta.com


Working method:


Is everything in place? Then we can start.

Open a new image 640x480 px transparent

Fill this layer with color #5b513c

Effects - Unlimited 2.0 filter - Paper Textures - Cardboard Box, Coarse with defaults settings

Now take your thinredline_BG.jpg

Activate your toolbar script, if you don't have it in your workspace yet, do it first
Image - toolbars - script

    • Category Artistic - select Watercolor, click on the arrow and let the script do its work.

Edit - copy

Go to your other image, layer new raster layer

Selections - select all - paste into selection


Layer palette: Blend mode Dodge

Now take your thinredlinesmall.jpg, edit - copy - paste as a new layer

Effects - Eye Candy 4000 filter - Gradient glow with these settings:

new raster layer

Your foreground color is now red #800000

Take your brush tool and find your brushes, default settings, stamp of your choice

Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow with these settings:

layers Merge- merge visible layers

Effects - OptikVerveLabs filter - Virtual Photographer - Photocopy

Again but now you choose for Natural Portrait (with this filter you can of course get different effects)

Your background colour is now your red colour #800000, your foreground colour is locked

Take your text tool with these settings:

Type your text, attention underlined and in bold

Convert layers to raster layer - move as example

Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow but now these settings:

Image - add border of 1 px black

Add border again with these settings:

Take your magic wand tool, tolerance and feather on 0 !!!!!!!!!!!

In the green section, select

Invert selections

Selections - promote selection to layer


Activate your bottom layer

Effects - Penta-com filter - Drag - 50

Activate your top layer, apply drop shadow but set blur to 20 now

Now take the text_TRL.psp file, edit - copy - paste as a new layer

Moving as example

Add image border of 2 px (symm.) red #800000

Save as a JPG file

This lesson is written by @nn.

- ęCopyright - 17 juli 2006

Extra voorbeeld: (+ 1 extra filter toegepast: Xero: Porcelain)