Ultimate love - English

This lesson is made in PSPX Dutch version
You can make it in earlier versions as well
Feel free to experiment with colors if you take images of your own choice

4 images, 2 selections, 1 txt file, mask 2020
Preset Xero (Soft Vignette)
download material here

Xero (Ultraviolet, Porcelain - Soft Vignette -) set 1, 2 and 4 needed
Adjust Variations

Open the 3 Images
Extract the selections to your map selections
You will need the text file later
Preset shape remains in the folder in which it was unzipped.

Resize your images to 450 height (our images are of the right size)
First of all we will apply the mask 2020 on our images.

Activate the rose.
Layers Load mask from disk and activate mask 2020 with these settings:

Layers merge merge group
Apply this mask on your two other images as well

Open - New image 512 x 450 px, transparent
Activate your 1 st Image: the rose
Edit Copy
On your work - Edit - Paste as a new layer
With the move tool, move a little to the top
Layers: opacity 50%

Activate 2d image: the town Sevilla
Edit copy
Edit - paste as a new layer on your working area
Layer pallet - Move down

Activate the 3d image Cruz
Image - Mirror
Edit copy
Edit - paste as a new layer on your working area
Move to the left

Open Mathew - Edit Copy
Edit - paste as a new layer on your working area
Move to the right
Layers merge merge all (flatten)
You should have this now

Layer palette, promote the background layer
Image - Canvas size
with these settings

Layers - Duplicate
Image - Mirror
Layers - merge - merge visibly

Effects - Plugins Xero Ultraviolet settings: 128
Effects - Plugins Xero Porcelain standard settings !!!!!
Pay attention! Foreground = #715275 (dark) !!!!!

Effects - Plugins Xero Soft Vignette : LOAD and choose the preset _passion.svg (look it up in the map in which you unzipped it) - Click OK
Image: edit copy (the image is in memory)
Layers new layer
Selections load selection from disk and select my selection: sel_passion_TD_271005
Edit paste into selection
Selections - deselect all

Effects - Adjust Variations -click Original first - afterwards, click once on More Magenta - click OK
Adjust - sharpness - sharpen

Layers New raster layer
Selections load selection from disk and choose sel004_passion_TD_271005

Materials: Foreground to gradient- fade white,
style: Lineair,corner and repeat = 0, invert checked

Floodfill with this gradient
Selection - modify - contract 2
Delete on your keyboard
Repeat Selection - modify - contract 2
Floodfill with the gradient
Selections - Deselect
Layer palette opacity between 70 and 80%

Layers - new raster layer
Background color = #715275 (dark color as used before)
Activate the text file - Edit -Copy the entire text

Activate the text tool - font Century Gothic 16 px (users of PSP 9 size = 12 or 14) - Align left
Edit - Paste the text and click OK

Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow: horz/vert 1, opacity 100, blur 1, color white
Move your text - see example
Selections - Deselect
Layers merge merge visible

Image add borders Symm. not checked,
top and bottom = 2, left/right = 0, Color = dark color #715275

Save as a jpg

This lesson was written by Ann, following her own imagination and translated by Jille (thanks)
Copyright© - 28 october 2005

Extra example made by Renate, (Thanks)

Extra example Jille