This lesson is written in PSPX Dutch version

I made this lesson in honour of all my moderators from the yahoo groups.
I want to thank them for all the help they give me. I could not have done all this without their help

Kind regards from Belgium
Ann xxx

Materials :

Tube, font, preset for Namesuppressed here

Source tube: Tubes Bellisimo

Filters :

Mura's meister Copies , VM Extravanganza , Richard Rosenman (solid border), Namesuppressed ( softner )

Let's go

Choose a tube that looks good on a black background
attention using VM Extravaganza with other tubes or images may give another result

Open your tube, minimise your font, install the filters, extract the preset from name suppressed to a map of your choice,
and the gradient “fading foreground” into your map gradients

Open new image 640x480 px transparent, foreground colour = black

Flood fill the layer with black

Activate your tube, by taking one of your own, make it this size 420x534px (vertical image, the size is very important)

Tube – edit copy and paste as a new image

New raster layer, flood fill with black

Layer palette, arrange, send to back

Layer palette, merge, merge visibly

Effects - Filter Richard Rosenman - Solid border with these settings, colour black or choose one from your tube

- > click on pixels

This tube: edit, copy, paste on your working area (the 640x480px image)

Effects - filter Mura's Meister Copies see settings colour BG colour black

Layer palette: merge visibly

Effects - filter VM Extravaganza - Stay In Line see settings:

Repeat paste as a new layer (the image is still in your memory)

Image, resize with 75% - bicubic- resize all layers unchecked

Effects- image effects – offset these settings:

Effects- 3D effects – drop shadow see settings

New raster layer

With your selection tool - rectangle, feather 0, anti-alias ckecked

Draw selection see printscreen

Foreground colour to gradient, fading foreground see settings

Flood fill with this gradient - deselect

Layer palette, opacity = 65%

Duplicate layer

Image mirror, image flip

Layer palette, new rasterlayer

Foreground colour on solid black again, background colour locked

With the tool preset shape, rectangle

with thes settings

Line style = dot width = 3

Draw a rectange , see example, remain parallel

Effects - 3D effects – drop shadow, see settings

Merge visibly

Effects- filter Richard Rosenman - Solid border change horz/vert to 5 pixels

New text layer

Switch colours. Background colour = black, foreground colour = locked

Text tool, choose your font, size150 px

Effects - 3D effects – drop shadow, same settings but change the colour of the shadow = #cfa083

Deselect and move see example

Merge visibly

I used a last filter, feel free to use it too or leave your work the way it is now

Effects - filter Name suppressed – Softner click on Open and choose preset: Smooth Portrait click OK

Save as a jpg

Extra exampje

Tube from MarieL: MarieL GraphicArTubing

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