Lesson written by Ann in the Dutch version of PSP X
Update by Jille April 2020 in the version PSP 2020

Mura's Meister Copies
Richard Rosenman (Solid Border)
Ecosse ( Unlimited 2.0 )

Material: download here
Tubes - font - brushes and presets

Foreground color # fd8206
background color #480303

Change the material of the foreground to a linear FG background gradient with these settings

File - New

Layers - new raster layer - fill this layer with the gradient
File - Open the "LZ Woman with veil" tube
Edit> Copy.
Go back to your work - Edit - Paste - Paste as new layer.
Image - Mirror - Flip Horizontal
Move it to the top left, see example:

Layers - New Raster Layer Brush Tool
- select from the drop- down menu: @ nn_050606_brushFlower, with default settings.
Place it right and right click (to use the dark background color).

Layers - Merge - Merge visible layers
Effects - Plugins - Filters Unlimited / Ecosse - False color 3, with default settings:
You can play with this filter - use the Randomize button and choose the result you like best

Effects - plugins- Edge Square - Square Edge 12

Image - Canvas size

Effects - Plug-ins - Mura's Meister - Copies, with these settings

Effects - 3D Effects - drop shadow

Layers - Merge - merge all (flatten)
Effects - plugins- Richard Rosenman - Solid border - with background color #480303!!!!

Copy this little image: Edit - Copy.
Open a new WHITE image of 640x480 pixels..

Edit - Paste - as a new layer.
Image> Resize with 85%, all layers unchecked

Layers - New raster layer
Material pallet - close the foreground color
Image - rulers should be ticked
Activate the Basic Shapes Tool
div 41 shape

Draw the shape bottom right, starting from point x: 430 y: 412
to point x: 552 y: 474.or do it by sight - You can always correct afterwards with the tool selection (K)
Layer pallet - Convert to raster layer
Layers - Duplicate
Image - Mirror - Mirror horizontal
Image - Mirror - Mirror vertical

Layers - New raster layer.
Materials - Foreground color = Dark color #480303 - Background color = white
Change the background material to a linear foreground background gradient

Activate the Basic Shapes Tool
select div 42 shape
Draw the shape, starting from top to bottom on the right side,
with at least 3 pixels distance from the edge.

Layer pallet - Convert to raster layer

Layers - New raster layer.
Activate the brush tool,
Select @ nn_050606_roundlines

place at the left with the dark color.
Image - flip - flip horizontal
Image - flip -flip vertical

Effects - 3D Effects - drop shadow- same settings

Close the foreground color, set the background color to dark color. # 480303.
Activate the text tool - select the font with the following settings:

Write L or the first letter of your name.
You can adjust the size of this letter with the selection tool K
Layer palette: convert to rasterlayer

Activate text tool - size +/- 380 points
Write A or the first letter of your name.
Adjust if necessary and convert to rasterlayer

Activate Text tool again - size 26 points and write "inda"

Layer palette - Convert to raster layer
Layers - merge - merge down
and again - layers - merge - merge down

Materials: Foreground color = # fd8206
Layers - new raster layer
Brush tool - select the brush @ nn_050606_greece
and place it left - see example.

Effects> 3D effects> with the previous settings.
Image - add borders - 1 pixel - dark color.
Add your watermark and save in jpg format.

Example Jille