This lesson is written in PSP 9.01
Update - April 2020 in PSP version 2020

Material - download here
Selections store in PSP folder
mask store in PSP Mask folder
Tubes and images open in PSP
Font double click for immediate installation

Oliver's Filter
Greg's Factory Output vol.1

If you use different images then resize them to height 350 px. Ours are of the correct size.
Open image parkes-3graces002.jpg
Layers - promote to raster layer
Layers load mask from disk choose mask 2020, with these settings:

Layers - merge - merge group
Repeat with the two other pictures.
Minimize the images
Foreground on gradient Duotone Ivory (ivory) with the following settings


Open - New - 640-480- transparent

Flood fill layer with the gradient
Duplicate the layer
Effects Plugin Filter Oliver's Filters Tunnel -10

Layers - Blend mode - Soft light
Effects edge effects- enhance
Layers new layer
Load selections from disk and choose selection 001

Fill the selection with a solid color, I choose #c1b49c
Effects - Reflection effects Kaleidoscope with the following settings


Layers- New raster layer
Selections selections load from disk - choose selection 002

Fill selection with the gradient
Selections - deselect all
Effects - plugins - Greg's factory Output - Blowout:

Layer pallet: Blend mode multiply

Activate image Parkes3_graces002 - Edit - Copy.
Back to your work - paste as new layer.
Move to top right.
Opacity = 30%.

Activate parkes_angelface003 - Edit - Copy.
Back to your work - Edit - paste as new layer.
Move to top left.
Layer pallet - Blend mode hard light- Opacity +/- 60%.

Activate image parkes_persepolis001 - Edit - Copy.
Back to your work - Edit - paste as new layer.
Move to bottom right
Layers pallet: Opacity 50%.

Activate tube"Mtm_stilleven2 (bloemen) - Edit - Copy.
Back to your work - Edit - paste as new layer.
Image - Resize, 75%, bicubisch, all Layers not checked.


Effects - 3d Effects - Drop shadow

Activate the tube ErosPsyche -
edit copy edit paste as a new layer on your working area
Repeat image resize, same settings
Move, see example.

Effects - 3D-Effects - Drop shadow, with previous settings, twice.
Layers -new raster layer.
Selections - load/save selection - load selection from disk ,
load selection 001 again
Fill with gradient.
Selections - deselct all
Effects - distortion Effects - curlicues

Effects - 3D-Effects - Drop shadow - same as used before
Layers - merge -merge all layers (flatten)
Selections - load/save selection - load selection from disk and select 003

Effects - 3D Effects - Inner bevel, with these settings:

Selections - deselect all
Close foreground color and background color = 4d3517

Text tool: Font "Al cadence" pixels 48
Write (Lolita) with these settings
Layers - convert to raster layer
Effects - 3D-Effects - Drop shadow

Write your name and save as jpg
Second example Jille with tubes from the artist

This lesson is written by Ann en translated by Jille
Thanks Jille
(you're welcome Ann)