written by Ann in the Dutch version from PSP X
Update Jille april 2020 in version PSP 2020

Material: download here
Open the tube and image in PSP.
Store the selections in your file Selections.
Open the motif "pattern_patroon_text" and minimize.
Double-click the font for automatic placement
DC Special
Eye Candy 4000
Filters Unlimited 2.0

Foreground color : #160600
Background color :#8e9578

Material background: change into gradient: foreground/background gradient- see settings below

The lesson

File - New

Fill the transparent image with this gradient
Adjust - blur - Gaussian blur - range = 50
Effects - texture effects - fine leather

Activate the tube @ nn_160806_misted_Zero_TD - Edit - Copy.
Go back to your work - Paste as new layer.
Move the tube to bottom left

Layers - New raster layer
Selections - load/save selections - load selection from disk - @nn_sel001_vic

Fill with the dark foreground color
Selections - deselect all
Layer pallet - Opacity = 50%

Effects - plug-in filters - Eye Candy 4000 - Corona

Layers - Merge - merge visible

Effects - Plugins - DC Special - book 0-50

Layers - New rasterlayer
Selections - load/save selections - load selection from disk - @nn_sel002_vic

Material: Foreground color back on gradient
Fill the selection with the foreground gradient
Effects - texture effects - blinds with these settings

Effects - plugins - Eye Candy 4000 - Corona - same settings
Selections - deselect all

Activate the Womanwithhead image- Edit> Copy.
Go back to your work - Paste as new layer.
Effects> Image effects> Shift, with the following settings:

Effects - Reflection effects -feedback

Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow

Layers - merge - merge visible

Layers - new raster layer
Activate the Preset shape tool - choose preset triangle
Material pallet: close the foreground color and set the background color to black
draw a triangle in the lower right corner.
To place the triangle with the vertex in the corner of the tag, start with the arrow while holding down the right mouse button.

Layers - duplicate.
Image - flip.
Image - Mirror.
Image - Add border, symmetric unchecked, with the following settings

Layers - new rasterlayer

Selection - Load/save selection - Load selection from disk.
Search and load selection @ nn_sel004_vic

Activate the image "woman_BW" - Edit> Copy.
Go back to your work - Edit - Paste into selection.
Put your foreground color on # c38f5c.

Effects- Plugins - Filters Unlimited 2.0 - Color effects and select Colorize foreground color.

Effects- Plugins - - Eye Candy 4000 - Weave, with these settings:

Selections - deselect all
Layers - Merge - Merge visible.
Image - Picture frame, select corel 09_049.pspframe, with these settings:

Repeat effects- Plugins - Filters Unlimited 2.0 - Color effects- Colorize

Layers - merge - merge visible
Text tool
Set the foreground color to the dark color # 160600.
Set the background color to pattern and select "pattern pattern text.jpg", corner 45, scale 100:

Write: Renaissance
Layer pallet - convert to rasterlayer
Effects- 3D effects - Inner bevel

Effects - 3D Effects - Drop shadow

Move text to a place from your choice
Add your name or watermark and save in jpg format.

second example from Jille with tubes from Guismo and riet