This lesson is written in pspX English version

If you use other tubes_or images, feel free to adapt the filters or the blend settings

For this lesson a good knowledge of psp is needed



Tubes, brush, font, gradient, selection and text psp file

Tubes source: Juliette , Peachz en I (@nn)

Filters: Unlimited 2.0 and Photo Aging Kit


We can start

File - new 640x480 transparent.


Foreground to gradient = mqc Field with following settings:

Fill the transparent layer with the gradient

Adjust - Blur - Gaussian blur - 30

Effecs - Plugins - Filter Unlimited 2.0 - Photo Aging Kit - Dirt & Dust custom settings

Layers - new raster layer

Foreground color = white

Activate the brushtool and select brush @nn_brush_mapUS_TD_141005_TD

Place this brush on the left, standard settings, apply twice.

Layer pallet - Opacity +-50%

Activate tube @nn_141005_Fall_TD_.psp, Edit - Copy

Edit -paste as new layer

Place it in the left corner on top, it may be placed a little outside your image (see example)

Effects - Artistic Effects - aged newspaper: 100

Tube @nn_141005_MellowFlower_TD_.psp, Edit - Copy

Edit - paste as new layer

Move a little to the right :

Effects - Artistic Effects - aged newspaper: 100

On your layer palette, lock the tho bottom layers

Activate 1 of the 2 visible layers - layers - merge - merge visible

this layer stays active

Effects - Image Effects - seamless tiling:

Use the Eraser tool if you see still a part of the stalk


Effects - 3D Effects - drop shadow with these settings:

Unlock the layers

Layers- merge - merge visible

Activate the tube 4Jugs-pchz.psp, Edit - Copy

Edit -paste as new layer

Image - Resize:

Place on the bottom in the middle

Activate the grassseeds

Delete the watermark and resize Image - resize 30% - bicubic


Edit - Copy

Edit - copy - paste as a new layer

Layers - arrange - move down

Put the seeds in the vase see example

Lock the bottom layer - Activate the top layer

Layers- merge - merge visible

Merged Layer remains active:

Effects - 3D Effects - drop shadow:

Make bottom layer visible again

Layers- merge - merge visible

Layers- duplicate

Effects - Art media effects - Colored pencil settings: detail 18 - opacity 73

Selections: load/save selection - load selection from disk and select fall_selection001 settings:

DELETE on your keyboard

Selections - deselect all

On your layerpalette blendmode overlay

Layers- merge - merge visible

Effects - 3D Effects - buttonize

Color - BLACK

Foreground color = #503212 and background color = white:

Activate the preset shapetool with following settings:

Draw a rectangle starting from the left top

Layers- convert to raster layer

Effects - 3D Effects - drop shadow:

Layer pallet - Opacity = 40%, Blend mode: normal


Activate the text psp file : @nn_TextFall_151005_TD_.psp

Edit - copy - paste as a new layer

Move the text and place it into the rectangle

Layers- new rasterlayer for text

With the text tool and the font Castellar:


Type your text

Selections - deselect all

Again drop shadow - attention: with Opacity = 40:

Move your text

Layer pallet: Opacity: 100, blend mode: Overlay

Save as a JPG


Extra example Renate:

Extra example Jille:

This lesson was written by Ann and translated by Jille Ann - Copyright© - 14 october 2005