This tutorial is made in PSP X Dutch version.
This is a lesson for a beginner and advanced psp'er.

  • Tube, font, basic shape click here
  • Filters:
  • Mura's Meister Copies
  • Working method:
  • Open your tube (or choose an image), minimize your font, store your basic shapes Arrows in the predefined folder, install your filter
  • Open a new image 640x480 px, fill this layer with WHITE
  • First set your background to black and lock your foreground. Activate your text tool:

  • Make like a VECTOR do not forget !!!!
    Type the letter O (small letter)
  • Objects - aline - center in canvas
  • Layers - convert to raster layer
  • Effects - Mura's Meister Copies with these settings
  • Selections - Custom selections see settings

  • Fill this selection with black
  • Selections - modify - contract with 1 px - DELETE on your keyboard
  • Again selections - modify - contract with 1 px
  • Go to your tube, edit - copy and paste into your selection
  • Selections - deselect
  • Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow with these settings:

  • Layer - new raster layer
  • Selections - custom selection with these settings:

  • Fill this selection with red #800000
  • Effects - Texture effects- Blinds with these settings:

  • Deselect
  • Layer Palette: layer Opacity 65%
  • Layer new raster layer
  • Set your background color to #800000, lock foreground color
  • Take your basic shape tool, find your shape arrow nr 7 with these settings:

  • Draw your arrow anywhere
  • Image - free rotate left 90%
  • Move see print screen:

  • Apply the same drop shadow again same settings
  • Layer palette: layer Opacity 65%
  • Layers: new raster layer
  • With the selection tool - Rounded rectangle, feather at 0, anti-alias checked
    Draw a selection from the top left corner ann down to the bottom right corner
  • Invert selection
  • And fill your selection with red #800000
  • Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds with the same settings as before
  • Deselect
  • Take your text tool again - set the size to 20 px and vector = floating
  • Your foreground color on black, your background color on #800000
  • Now type the 1st letter of the 1st word in red, the rest in black (flip your colors each time)
    Type the 2nd word, also the 1st letter in red the rest in black (idem)
  • Deselect
  • Move your text see my example at the top of the page
  • Layer duplicate
  • Image - Invert
  • Move this duplicated text underneath your other text (click on the + to zoom)

  • Layer palette: layer opacity 16% (duplicated text becomes more transparent)
  • Add image border - 1 px black
  • Save as a jpg file
  • Copyright - July 10, 2006
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