Merry Christmas


This lesson was written by Jille on Friday, December 11, 2009 in the English version of PSP12
The lesson can be made in other versions as well
I followed my own inspiration, any resemblance with an existing lesson is merely a coincidence


I used a tube from Daantje: Snow..004
A background from www_crossmap_co_kr (found on the web)
An image with an angel - found on the web as well.
Thanks for the lovely material. This lesson would not exist without the fine work of these artists. 


You will need a pattern – two images and a tube or image
Download mine here
Font Coronet: here


Open images and tubes in your PSP program and minimize them
Minimize the font as well

Material Palette: choose two colors.
I took a light color for the foreground #e7eaf9 and a deep blue color for the background #030327

The lesson

Step 1

Open the background www_crossmap_co_kr.
(The name of the artist was written on the background, but I removed it and put his name on a separate layer)
Select the bottom layer
Edit – Copy
You may close the background

Step 2
File – New – New Image – transparent checked

View – Rulers checked
Selections – Select All
Edit – Copy
Edit – Paste into Selection
Selections – Select None

Step 2
Material Palette
Close your background color

With the Rectangle Tool

And these settings

Create on Vector - Line style solid 3
Draw a rectangle – start at 100/100 (see your rules) and end on 400/600

Objects – Align – Center in canvas (just to make it perfect)
Layer Palette – Convert to Raster Layer

Step 3

Effects – Distortion Effects – Twirl – Degrees 720
Magic Wand Tool – Tolerance and Feather = O – Anti-Alias checked – Outside

click in the middle of your form to select it
Selections – Modify – Select Selection Borders

Flood Fill Tool – flood fill the selection with the light Foreground color
Selections – Select None
Magic Wand Tool – Click in the middle of the form to select again
Layer Palette – click right and rename this layer “Ellipse”
Layers – New raster Layer

Step 4
Maximize the image with the Angel and the candle (image_net)
Select your Clone Brush (C)

With these settings

With your right mouse button click on the image see example

Cloning is not easy, when you do it for the first time, the “Undo” button will become your best friend

Back to your working area – click left on this place

and try to put the angel the same way I did

Selections – Select None

Step 5
Highlight the layer you named Ellipse
Effects – 3D Effects – Drop Shadow

Highlight the top layer again
Layers – Merge – Merge down

Step 6
Image Resize – All layers not checked

With the Move Tool –move like this

You may close the image
Layers – New Raster Layer

Step 7
Open the tube snow..004
Window - Duplicate
Close the original and proceed with the copy
Highlight the tube layer
Adjust – Hue and Saturation – Colorize (166 – 87)

Edit - Copy
You may close this tube without saving

Step 8
Back to your working area
Edit - Paste as New Layer
Move tool - Move to the right top corner
Layer palette - opacity of this layer = 15

This is the result

Step 9
The image of the pattern has to be on your working space (minimized or open)
Material palette
Close the foreground color
Change the material of the background into pattern, and search the image with the pattern

With the Text tool and these settings

Type C
Layer palette – Convert to Raster Layer
With the Text Tool

type hristmas
Layer palette – Convert to Raster Layer
Put the word Christmas together and
Layers – Merge -Merge Down

Step 10
With the Text Tool – Font the same as text 1 – Coronet - size 75
Type Merry
Layer palette – Convert to Raster Layer
Move tool – arrange the text in a nice way
This is my example

Layers – Merge – Merge Down
Effects 3D Effects – Drop Shadow

Step 11
Material Palette – open your foreground color
Layer palette – Switch colors - Foreground color = Dark color
Background – change light color into gradient with these settings

With the Text Tool and these settings

Write and a Happy New Year
Layer palette – Convert to Raster Layer
Effects – 3D Effects – Drop Shadow – same settings
With the Move Tool , move to the left bottom corner

Step 12
Layers – Merge – Merge Visible
Material Palette - change gradient into solid color
Switch colors again

Image – Add Borders – symmetric checked
1 pixel light foreground color
1 pixels dark Background color
1 pixel light foreground color
10 pixels dark Background color
3 pixel light foreground color

Step 13

Put your watermark
Image - Resize - 700 width - Intelligent
Or smaller if that suits you better
Save as a give it a name.jpg

So we are done
I hope you enjoyed the lesson