Dancing Dervish

This lesson was written by Jille on Tuesday, October 27, 2009 in the English version of PSP XII.

To design this tag I used a tube from Patries.
The tube is for personal use only. Please do not share it in any group.

I downloaded the texture here . It is due to copyright read the TOU here
My thanks for the lovely material, this picture would not exist without it.


You will need: 1 tube and 1 texture.
You can download the supplies here
You will need 2 Filters

  • FM Tile Tools Blend Emboss here
  • Vanderlee UnPluggedX here


Install the filters in your filter map.
Open your PSP program after installation and open the texture (Stock_photo_DSC_0089) and the tube (1patries_ds54-slowdance2-emine_mira_hunter-18-10-09.pspimage) in your program. Minimize them.

 Materials :

  • Foreground color: #ffffff
    Background color: #4e4e4e
  • Foreground Properties : Change your foreground color into the gradient Grey (standard in PSP XII) with these settings

The lesson

Step 1

File New New Image: transparent checked
Activate your Flood Fill Tool: flood fill the layer with the gradient

Step 2

Layers New Raster Layer
Activate your Selection Tool: Custom Selection

with following values

Step 3
Open the texture Stock_photo_DSC_0089 and maximize.
Edit Copy.
You may close the texture.
Return to your working area.
Edit Paste Into Selection
Selections : Select None.

Step 4
Effects: Plug-in FM TileTools Blend Emboss

Effects Edge Effects Enhance More.
Layer Palette Lower the opacity of this layer to 66
Layer Palette: change blend mode to Luminance (Legacy)

Step 5
Effects Plug-in Vanderlee UnpluggedX Defocus

Effects 3D Effects Drop Shadow
Repeat this shadow with Vertical and Horizontal Offset = -4

Step 6
Effects Distortion Effects twirl - with these settings

Move to the right, see example

Layers Duplicate
Image Mirror
Move the layer till it looks like the example below

Layers Merge Merge Down
Place the merged layer in the middle of your image

This is the result

Step 7
Open the tube 1patries_ds54-slowdance2-emine_mira_hunter-18-10-09 and maximize
Edit Copy
You may close this tube
Back to your working area
Edit Paste As New Layer
Effects 3D Effects Drop Shadow

Add your watermark
Layers Merge Merge All (Flatten)

Step 8
Image Add Borders symmetric checked - 1 pixel with the background colour (click your right mouse button to use that color)
Selections Select All
Image Add Borders symmetric checked - 30 pixel with the white foreground colour
Activate your Flood Fill Tool flood fill the selection with your gradient
The selection stays active

Step 9
Effects 3D Effects Cutout

and repeat

Selections Select None
Image Add Borders - symmetric checked - 1 pixel with the background colour

Step 10
File Save as give-it-a-name.jpeg

So we are done. I hope you enjoyed this lesson



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